Central Motors

Central Motors

Central motors are generally used with balancing spring system in shutter systems. The motor is placed in the middle of the shaft, thus conserving additional motor space. In a possible power failure, the spring shaft system can be operated easily and manually. The idling system can be placed in an indoor or outdoor enclosure, freeing up the engine. These motors can only be used on doors weighing no more than 350 kg. The spring balance system is also suitable for the use of doors not wider than 20 m2. • Easy manual start system in case of power failure • No additional space for the engine • Built-in brake in the motor hardware • 10.000 cycles possibility • Torque guarantee in the whole process • Easy maintenance. There is no need to disassemble the entire shaft for maintenance. • Not suitable for frequent use.

Shaft for Central Engines

The diameter of the pipe is calculated according to the width and weight of the shutter to ensure the correct deflection. EN 10220 allows a maximum bending of 1/500, which means that at a width of 5,000 mm, the deflection of the pipe (as measured at the maximum bending point) should be 10 m (1/500) or 12.5 mm (1/400). Preparing the shaft pipe according to these rules extends the life of the shutter and the engine.

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