Chain Transfer Motors

Chain Transfer Motors

Single-stage chain transmission models are used in medium-sized shutters. The door shaft is carried by chain. The main advantage of this engine is its cost-effectiveness. A wide range of torque options are available and these engines can lift up to 1,800 kilograms. These motors are not suitable for frequent use cycles because the drive motor speed ratings are only suitable for slower daily on and off time cycles. At the same time, it can be used with the appropriate safety latch integrated with the anti-dumping system. If the safety catch is not preferred on the outside, a mechanical addition can be made to the chain drive unit to prevent falling. • Cost-effective • Single stage • Wide torque options • Manual start: operating lever for power cuts • Less space requirement on the gutter side (additional space is needed on the engine cover)

Shaft for Tube Motors, Industrial Motors and Chain Drive Motors

The diameter of the pipe is calculated according to the width and weight of the shutter to ensure the correct deflection. EN 10220 allows a maximum bending of 1/500, which means that at a width of 5,000 mm, the deflection of the pipe (as measured at the maximum bending point) should be 10 m (1/500) or 12.5 mm (1/400). CNC laser cut edges and hexagonal spindles fit the tube perfectly. Especially the hexagonal shafts increase the resistance of the shutter against the horizontal forces that may come from under it.

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