ESC-31 VistaPane™

Side Folding Grilles

ESC-31 VistaPane™ Standard


  • Clear Anodized Truss Panels and Posts
  • Color Anodizing Optional
  • Stardard Colors: White, Black, Bronze
  • Hook bolt locking with cylinders both sides standard
  • Emergency Egress Option- 90 x 210 cm egress door within the curtain
  • 90° and 135° curves standard

ESC-31 VistaPane™ Slotted and Perforated Panels

Perforated with a pattem of slots that provides high level security with visual access and air fiow. lnterlocking components prevent forced entry. Lighter than glass inserts; requiring less bulkhead support and easy to operate. Excellent lor storefront applications.



  • 1.8 mm Fully anodized slotted aluminum panels
  • 3 cm oblong slots
  • Extruded insert fits into framing hinge extrusion for superior security
  • Maximum height: 610 cm
  • Airflow through closure: 20%
  • Airflow through panel: 30%


  • 1.2 mm Perforated steel panels
  • Maximum height: 427 cm
  • Airflow through closure: 39%
  • Airflow through panel: 47%

ESC-31 VistaPane™ Glass / Lexan and Solid Panels

Clear, shatterproof Lexan® or tempered glass inserts allow unobstructed views while providing solid security against theft and intrusion and blocking refuse odor and smoke. Tempered glass not only protects areas from direct intruder blows but, keeps all arms and objects out of the store property.

Solid panels provide maximum-security protection along with absolute visual privacy. Full height aluminum panels and heavy gauge dedicated extrusions deny visual access and provide solid security against theft and vandalism as well as preying eyes. Suitable lor a myriad of applications where restricted airfiow is required and some acoustic separation is desired.


  • 1.2 mm perforated steel panels
  • Maximum height: 427 cm
  • Airflow through closure: 39%
  • Airflow through panel: 47%


  • Aluminum frames fılled with 3.2 mm thick lexan panels
  • Maximum height: 427 cm


  • 1.8mm clear anodized solid aluminum panels
  • Maximum height: 610 cm