Frequently Asked Questions

In-house architectures and experienced technical sales team are aware of the unique door features that are prioritize by different clients such as usage, aesthetics concern, the need of superior security, resistance to wind or fire, field conditions, mounting surfaces and energy efficiency. In the light of our experienced electronics team, feedbacks from our architects and technical sales team, we provide the best electronic components and meet all special requests where possible. This service is provided on location to discuss your individual or regulatory requirements and is free of charge with no obligation.
We have a dedicated team to supporting architects. We can provide shop drawings without scale for all product range and even we can make custom dimensional drawings for any of our products to drop right into your project. Large database of motor drive combination is already existing. We can provide 3d step files for our commercial & industrial roller shutter range to help you or to your customer visualize the final product.
In addition to standard colors, customisation is also possible to answer your creative needs. I cannot see the door that I want in your product range? How can you help me? We have a lot of partnerships with local producers and worldwide known producers. Our experienced installer team have the capacity to deal with all kind of industrial doors.
For us location is not important. We have different type of products installed by our teams on different continents such as Asia, Europe and Africa.

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