Roller Shutters

KP80 Single Skin Curved Profile 80mm height single skin curved profile available only in galvanized steel can be produced with different thickness according to the door size. This is the most common and recommended profile from our side for classical roller shutters.

KP110 Single Skin Flat Profile 110 mm height single skin flat profile provides an esthetic solution to classic roller shutters with smaller sizes. This profile is a reliable alternative to curved profiles when customers need a flat design esthetic, vision panel or flat surface for on roller shutter advertisement.
KP95 Double Skin Insulated Profile KP95 double skin flat profiles have 95 mm height with approximately 21 mm thickness loaded with thermal insulated polyurethane. Besides polyurethane foam, profiles can be filled with rockwoll for insulation. Galvanized steel and aluminum options are both available for double skin insulated profiles.
KA77 Extruded Aluminum Profile Extruded aluminum profiles are resistant profiles compare to standard mid-size door profiles. Another advantage is the raw material which is corrosion resistant and less noisy compare to galvanized profiles.