Side Folding Grilles

ESG-30 VisionGlade™ an effective traffic barrier that allows high visibility, while maintaining a sense of open space. The most economical and lightweight open style sliding grille, it easily blends with any decor, providing unobtrusive protection. Excellent for floor to ceiling dividers in public spaces such as offices, hospitals, food courts and lobbies.
ESC-31 VistaPane™ clear anodized truss panels and posts color anodizing optional, stardard colors white, black, bronze, hook bolt locking with cylinders both sides standard, emergency egress option- 90 x 210 cm egress door within the curtain 90° and 135° curves standard
ESG-32 GlideGard™ Heavy duty construction provides a higher level of security while keeping the sense of open space. lndividual panels interlock by full height hinge members. Fully concealed hinge rods protect from vandalism and damage. The panels fold cleanly and positively, resulting in a smooth and easy to operate Grille.