Keypenk architects and experienced technical sales team are aware of the unique door features that are prioritize by different clients such as usage, aesthetics concern, the need of superior security, resistance to wind or fire, field conditions, mounting surfaces and energy efficiency. In the light of our experienced electronics team, feedbacks from our architects and technical sales team, we provide the best electronic components and meet all special requests where possible.

Installation Process

We are providing installation services to homeland and foreign countries. Our teams are working effectively and respect timelines and safety regulations. They are ready to meet the expectations of our clients. In case of any unexpected construction conflict, they are reactive to find a rapid solution on site. Generally, when overseas customers prefer supervision or support our well chosen highly competent supervisors connect employees and site management on construction site. They control the installation process by leading the installation team and training them with on-site applications. Keypenk operates in many continents, from Africa to Asia and Europe by providing installation and services.

Repair Policy

Since we give great importance to choosing the right components, the cause of our manufactured damaged doors is time or usage. Our repair policy is to repair the damage and malfunctions first without causing higher costs to customer. When necessary, we change the spare part and give an extra guarantee period for it.

Repair & Maintenance Agreements

A maintenance agreement offers customer to have regular visits by our trained technicians in order to diagnose problems before failure so that the door never stops working.

Upgrades & Replacements

Sometimes after installation customers’ requirements change due to individual or regulatory reasons. From changing the motor type to adding safety and security components are provided.

Guarantee Conditions

2 years of system guarantee is available with all of our doors.

Guarantee Conditions

7/24 After Sales Sevices

We are providing 24h/7d maintenance support. Our nationwide service teams conduct scheduled maintenance visits and on-field repairs. Generally, all spare parts are available in the vans stock to fix as quickly as possible. Emergency repairs are attended on the same day generally within 3 hours. For foreign customers there is always telephone support and in some cases distributors in foreign countries can always schedule a on-field repair.

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