KP110 – Single Skin Galvanized Slats

Single-skinned profiles are most common profiles to use with Classic Roller Shutters, insulation and speed is not an important element. Because of the single skin design of the profile, the door is relatively cost effective and the drum area requires less space which fulfill architectural needs.

KP110 – Single Skin Galvanized Slats

KP110 Single Skin Flat Profile

110 mm height single skin flat profile provides an esthetic solution to classic roller shutters with smaller sizes. This profile is a reliable alternative to curved profiles when customers need a flat design esthetic, vision panel or flat surface for on roller shutter advertisement.
It is not possible to produce this profiles lower than 0.8 mm thickness because of the lack of curved design.


  • Flat Design
  • Esthetic Appearance
  • Suitable for “on roller shutter advertisement”
  • Optional Vision Panels

KP110 Single Skin Flat Profile Microperforation Option

Microperforation on flat design KP110 profiles which provide both ventilation and visibility is possible. Microperforated profile is produced with 4.0 mm diameter of holes on 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm thick profiles with approximately 25% of air passage.



  • 25% of air passage.
  • 4.0 mm hole diameter
  • Visibility & Air Passage

KP110 Single Skin Flat Profile Visibility Windows Option

KP110 flat profile is suitable for placing vision panels. 150 x 50 mm polycarbonate panel designed particularly for KP110 single skin flat profile brings the roller shutter vision without permitting ventilation.

  • Polycarbonate panels
  • Visibility without air passage
  • Can be used without windows for air
    passage requirements