FirePro E240 Fire Rated Roller Shutter

FirePro E240 is designed to provide an elegant look for industrial buildings, as a fire resistant rolling doors t o protect the sections of the buildings from fire, as well as a barrier on a frequent daily basis use.

The door can resist to 1149 Celcius heat up to 240 minutes in accordance with EN 16034. The special design of KP80 Single Skin Curved Profile makes the curtain resistant to fire. Due to curved design of the profile bigger dimensions such as 10 meter length & 8 meter height are possible (in accordance with EN 15269-10 calculations).

Optional Design Feature

All the steel components of the fire resistant rolling doors can be coated in any desired RAL colour.



Bottom Rail Profile

The bottom rail is reinforced with double L shaped brackets. Deflection resistant bottom rail is a key element against fire due to the fact that deformation starts from the bottom of the door.

Guide and Brackets

The guides make the curtain resistant for any kind of force on both external and internal sides. Besides, brackets is the key component to merge all construction together. Brackets unify the body of the door and make the hood and barrel section of the door more resistant to fire up to 240 minutes. All parts are laser cut and anchoring holes are pre-determined.

Drive and Shaft System

Diameter of the tube determined by the calculation made according to the directive EN 16034 and EN 15269-10. CNC laser-cut flanges and hexagonal design axles perfectly match with pipe.

The drive used by default is a chain drive with three phase electric power. The door shaft is driven by a chain-transmission. Wide range of drive torques is available. Temperature control release device (fire safety fuse) can be used to release the door when environment temperature reaches to a certain degree. We always recommend to use the doors directly with fire alarm system. Besides these drives are not suitable for frequent cycles but direct drives or chain drives which allows frequent cycles are available.


Hood and Hood Support

1.5 mm thick and square formatted double L shaped hood is reinforced with special design 10 mm thick hood support. Again all parts are laser cut and anchoring holes are pre-determined.